Penn-Lea Lim, Mechanical Engineer

Penn Lea Lim 5


Since joining our building services team, Penn has played a key role in designing and implementing mechanical systems in a wide range of projects. This has included multiple small residential projects with mechanical ventilation and air source heat pump systems, as well as a large residential project with a ground source heat pump. He has also worked on a complex Cat A+ refurbishment and fit-out project for a large multi-storey commercial building in central London.

Penn has extensive experience in mechanical design, including excellent knowledge in Stage 4 design for commercial Cat A and Cat B office buildings, as well as in delivering systems for residential projects. He has also developed strong skills in MVHR design, air source heat pump system design, and energy modelling. With a deep understanding of these areas, He has the ability to create innovative, sustainable, and efficient building systems that meet the needs of clients and promote environmental responsibility.

After graduating from University of Southampton with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2015, Penn went on to gain significant engineering experience at a global consultancy, before joining Webb Yates Engineers in 2021.