AJ Firts Look: 373 Euston Road

Features: 373 Euston Road

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The first look of the recently completed 373 Euston Road, formerly known as Cambridge House, up on Architects' Journal. 

Together with Penoyre & Prasad we created a copper-clad rooftop extension to the university‚Äôs Euston Road building, accommodating a new teaching and learning centre.

The development is heavily constrained on all sides ... most notably the basement wall and the associated tube tunnels making the addition of new foundations to the scheme a costly and risky exercise. Given these constraints additional storeys to this building could only have been achieved by using a hybrid approach of materials. A structural steel transfer structure at existing roof level and a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) superstructure form the striking geometry of the lecture theatre and additional plant space behind. Glulam beams have been used to form the risers with CLT goings to the lecture theatre tiered seating creating an efficient structure and clean soffit beneath, says Tom Webster, director at Webb Yates.

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