The success of any project is dependent on the understanding that a design team is made up on many parts with differing design challenges to solve and the design team must come together with a collective purpose to ensure that the project can be delivered to satisfy all of these challenges. Often, one discipline‚Äôs challenges are more critical due to the client brief.

Our multi-disciplinary offering means that communication between disciplines is as open and coordinated as possible. We are able to consider the structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and sustainability aspects of a design simultaneously to create holistic and well-thought-out designs.

Structural Engineering

We provide a full range of structural engineering services, covering all typologies and materials. We enjoy not only the challenge of working with a variety of materials, but also exploring different ways of delivering projects. We work closely with both our civil and building services engineers to deliver projects to a high standard.

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering services cover pavement and drainage design, ground and hydraulic modelling, flood risk assessments, SuDS and traffic impact assessments. Working closely with our structural and building services engineering teams, we can offer a combined collaborative service, as well as a standalone service. 

Building Services Engineering

We collaborate closely with our clients on newly completed and existing buildings to ensure they have a building with services
that work properly and can be used and maintained easily. This collaboration is also undertaken internally when working with our structural and civil engineering teams, enabling us to develop holistic solutions for a high quality project.


We specialise in embedding sustainability across all disciplines. Our solutions include embodied and whole-life carbon analysis, circular
economy guidance, dynamic energy simulation, retrofit appraisals, and post-occupancy monitoring. Actively addressing the climate emergency, we offer holistic, innovative, and sustainable solutions on every one of our projects.

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