Stone as a structural material. Part 1: Mechanical properties

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Dimension stone has been employed as a structural material for thousands of years, but its use has declined in recent times.

The loss of traditional skills and knowledge has led this once ubiquitous material to be perceived as expensive to quarry, cut and transport, being seen in the eyes of many as suitable only for cladding or flooring. Yet when paired with a modern approach to structural analysis, design and detailing, and a rigorous statistical analysis of material strengths, stone can realise its potential as a material fit for the 21st century.

This set of four articles will explore the contemporary use of stone in a variety of structural applications, showcasing the versatility of this often overlooked material. Part 1 will discuss the mechanical properties of stone, with subsequent parts covering the use of plain, reinforced and post-tensioned stone in buildings and staircases.

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