Building Foundations with Georgia Bertram


Georgia Bertram, one of our Civil Engineers working in the London Office, joined Webb Yates just when the first London lockdown was announced. We had a chat with Georgia about her rather strange start in the company and how she can contribute to a greener more sustainable future. When she’s not working, she loves going out on a venture or you’ll find her caught up in a book.

How long have you been at Webb Yates Engineers?

I have been working at Webb Yates for 6 months.

What inspired you to become an engineer?

I saw a documentary about a building which had been engineered to use half as much energy as other buildings. No change of behaviour was required for the people using the building, it was the changes at the design stage which had a long-lasting benefit. I always liked maths at school and after seeing that documentary I thought that the practical application of maths via engineering would be a good way to have a positive impact on my community.

What’s the best thing about a career in engineering?

Engineering work varies a great deal between projects which keeps things interesting and at the end of the day, there is something tangible you have achieved. It is really satisfying to see something you have designed be built and used.

As someone working in engineering, what can you do to contribute to a greener and more sustainable urban future?

As a civil engineer, I can ensure that my drainage designs promote water conservation and reuse with allowances for climate change. Communicating the long-term benefits sustainable design elements and approaches to clients is important to drive the design priorities from an early stage. With good design, we can reduce the impact of urban life on the environment without having to sacrifice standard of living.

How does it feel to start a new job whilst being locked down in the largest urban centre in western Europe?

It was very strange at first, I had plenty of direct communication with my team and colleagues but what I missed was the buzz of an office and getting a sense of the company and people from non-verbal communication. I was also grateful to have the challenge of new work to distract from the stresses of such an unknown time. My co-workers at Webb Yates has made a real effort to get everyone involved and I feel like I am part of the team even though I haven’t met many people in person yet.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to live where would that be?

London is wonderful in the summer but as we approach winter am starting to wish I could live closer to a ski field.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Reading, skiing and travelling.