Building Foundations: Jamy Dipnarinesingh

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We chat to one of our Senior Engineering Technicians, Jamy Dipnarinesingh about his professional journey, his love for the Empire State Building and his plans for the future. 

Where are you from in Trinidad and Tobago?

Chaguanas, west coast of Trinidad.

How long have you been working at Webb Yates Engineers?

Seven years.

Tell us about your journey to become a Senior Engineering Technician at Webb Yates Engineers

In secondary school, I had an eye for detail and an aptitude for technical drawing. I went on to study draughting and building studies in technical college and developed a greater appreciation for structural detailing and engineering based modules.

Luckily, upon graduation I was offered my first job as a Structural Engineering Technician, where I was supported to pursue my HNC in Civil Engineering. Although I was employed as a Technician at the time, I started to take on engineering responsibilities. My boss recognised this and encouraged me to pursue my degree.

The plan was to come to London and finish my undergraduate degree in two years before returning to Trinidad to practice. Suffice to say upon completion I never returned home. I think my boss was a little heartbroken but supportive of my decision to stay in the UK!

What do you miss about home and how often do you get to go back?

My family and friends, the sun, sea and free open space! I get to go home every Christmas as a rule, sometimes more if there are flight sales.

What do you love about living in London?

The people, diverse culture and the fact that Londoners can tell I’m from Trinidad by hearing my accent.

Which Webb Yates Engineers project that you’ve worked on are you most proud of and why? 

St. Bernard’s Gate Housing.

Despite it being a large-scale redevelopment project on a live hospital site, the design, delivery and construction went very smoothly with minimal site issues. This was due to a good working relationship with the client, design team and contractor. 

Which product or building has most inspired you and why?

The Empire State Building – a true engineering and architectural icon. 

At completion, it stood as the tallest building in the world for 40 years. The meticulous detailing and construction methods are still influencing designers today.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I would like to go into a support and advisory type of role, perhaps educating newcomers to the profession.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stick to your original path and don’t deviate.

What is your favourite book, album, film and place?

Book - The Alchemist

Album – Bob Marley, Bablyon by Bus

Film – Man on Fire

Place – I’m going to be a bit biased and say Tobago!