Tajol Gill, Graduate Civil Engineer

Tajol Gill 1


Tajol joined Webb Yates Engineers in 2024. She has quickly gained experience on a number of notable projects, including a commercial building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, an extension of a school in Oxford, and multiple residential developments.

A dedicated and proactive engineer, Tajol is highly skilled in drainage design and is knowledgeable in utilising various 3D modelling programs to develop sustainable and efficient strategies. She is passionate about promoting green over grey infrastructure to aid in the effects of climate change.

After graduating from Coventry University with a BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2021, Tajol went on to gain varied civil engineering experience in residential and industrial developments, and upgrades to various highways and infrastructure. This early experience included a residential development in North London with several design constraints, a large industrial estate where a variety of SuDS features were implemented, and numerous highways upgrade projects.