Guy Parker-Dennison, Associate

Guy Parker Dennison 2


Guy joined Webb Yates Engineers in 2013 and has since delivered civil engineering solutions for key clients across a range of sectors, including significant infrastructure projects for London Heathrow Airport.

His key engineering specialisms include the design of above and below ground drainage, as well as sustainable urban drainage systems, and he has a keen interest in how drainage systems can be used to provide amenity values to the built environment and the community. He is also a keen supporter of overseas development having grown up in Southern Africa and specialised in intermediate design and appropriate technologies during his studies.

Having graduated from the University of Warwick in 2007, Guy gained his early experience working with a range of practices, from global multi-disciplinary consultancies to small local engineering firms. This previous experience spans a wide range of public and private developments across the world, including higher education refurbishments, large scale housing developments, a prison extension and a high speed rail station. He has also spent time working as a volunteer engineer for projects in both Zambia and Ethiopia.