Ghost House

Tags: private homes, concrete, new build

  • Client: Private
  • Architect: BPN Architects
  • Photography: Felix Mooneeram
Ghost House - Webb Yates Engineers
Ghost House - Webb Yates Engineers
Ghost House - Webb Yates Engineers

Heavily inspired by the work of renowned architect Tado Ando, Ghost House is a minimalist and modern family home constructed entirely of in-situ concrete exposed on all internal and external walls.

Built within the original sunken garden of a country house in Warwickshire, the unusual design challenges the notion of the ‘traditional house’ and is made up of a series of courtyards and reflecting pools bringing light deep within the plan.

Our Birmingham team worked closely with the client and architect to propose a structural design for the concrete basement, walls, floor slabs, roof and staircase of the two-storey residential property, constructed partially below ground level.

The structure required careful detailing to achieve the fair-faced concrete finish around the vertical and horizontal recesses required for the services. The interior space features several large areas of slab counter hung from the ground floor walls. The design incorporated large areas of panelled glazing – at both the front and back of the house - including a carefully detailed double-height glass wall which runs the full width of the house.

Celebrating a simple palette of materials, the project was driven by the client’s love of concrete and the careful fusion of architecture and engineering to realise the creative and ambitious vision.  


  1. RIBA West Midlands Awards 2019, winner , 6 2019